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Arabic language and literature

Mawrid Arabic dictionary project with multiple sources (Lane, Wehr, Hawa, etc.)

Sakhr Dictionary (Arabic script)

Edward Lane’s Arabic-English Lexicon at Tyndale Archive (scanned); at Perseus Project (digitized version

Princeton Online Arabic Poetry

al-Baheth al-Arabi (online Arabic-Arabic dictionaries)

al-Maktaba al-Shamila, downloadable Arabic texts

al-Maktaba al-Waqfiyya (, Arabic texts online, more Arabic texts

Alwaraq textual database (IE 5.0)

Noor Library

Shia Online Library

Yasoob Library

Persian language and literature

no more farsi Persian, not Farsi

Steingass’s Comprehensive Persian-English Dictionary

Dehkhoda and Mo`in dictionaries (searchable)
Dehkhoda’s Lughat-nameh (separate site)

Vajehyab dictionary

Farsi 123 English-Persian dictionary

Arizona Persian Web Guide

Dr. Karimi-Hakkak’s Persian Tutor CD

Redirected from Persian in Texas (Persian flashcards and audio recordings from the National Middle East Language Resource Center)

Persian Literature

Ganjur: hypertext Persian writings of 35 major Persian poets

Sufi Library (Ni`matollahi-Gunabadi site, numerous texts in PDF)

Ajam Media Collective

“Poetic Voices of the Islamic World” (NEH/Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic

Noormags offers a massive downloadable library of scholarly articles in Persian, while Noorlib has a huge searchable digital library of Persian and Arabic texts

Encyclopedia of the World of Islam (in Persian)

The Center for the Greater Islamic Encyclopedia (in Persian)

Urdu language and literature
Platts’ Dictionary of Urdu, Hindi, and English

‘A Desertful of Roses’: The Urdu ghazals of Mirza Asadullah Khan “GHALIB”(Prof. Frances Pritchett; see also her Useful Sources on Hindi/Urdu Language and Literature)